Euro-Center Oy was established in 1984 as the parallel company of Laaksosen Harjatehdas Oy to engage in the importation of household goods alongside with manufacturing and importation of brushes. Ritva and Pekka Kouvolla already had previous experience in the import business from the times of their previous company, Euro-Export. Euro-Center formed a natural extension alongside the brush production. Since then, the companies have been together reselling everything for the home, from cleaning to the interior decor.

Euro-Center Oy sold their warehousing to Laaksonen Harjatehdas Oy (later Kotilaakso Oy) in connection with the generational process in 2007 and has since been operating quietly, mainly as a property management company.


On 31.03.2013 will be carried out the transaction, in which Euro-Center comes to life again and return to its basic operations, importing and distribution.

Our aim is to be there to support the customer. We do the background work and save time by providing products ready to go. We bear the import risk and are continuously developing in order to be on the cutting edge. We store the goods on your behalf and deliver them quickly, if necessary. In doing so, we ensure that the customer has the price - quality ratio of good products that are in demand.


01.06.2017 Euro-Center has become a real estate company with diverse consultation services in wholesale, importing and daily consumer goods. Do not hesitate to contact us!