Operating principles

Customer focus

We do not exist without our customers and that's why we do everything to satisfy our customers. We customize our services according to customer needs. We react quickly to your queries and you do and not have to wait on the phone. We earn trust by redeeming our promises consistently.

Transparency and authenticity

Our business is open and transparent. We are not afraid to say directly, even if we disagree. We avoid unnecessary pleasing. We do what we say and we say what we mean.


Joy and courage

Without courage and joy there is not creativity. We accept human failures. We have the courage to try and do it with joy.

Sustainable growth and development

We aim to grow our business over the long term and in a sustainable manner from the point of view of both the environment and the economy. We value our history and long-term customer relationships. The long-term approach will not bring the desired result immediately, but it tends to carry further.